The Olive Pillow

The Olive pillow is so good, it’s basically a throne for your head. It’s luxurious, layered, and filled with a premium blend of Microfibre and Gel Foam fill to accommodate your sleeping style. 

So many great layers, lasagna would be jealous.

The Olive pillow features layers of Microfibre and Gel Foam fill that provide just the right amount of cushion-y softness and firm support—and it all adds up to an amazing sleeping experience.



Olive pillows feature a unique blend of microfibres that allow your pillow to breathe and adapt to whatever movements you throw at it throughout the night.

Gel fibre

Keep things chill with a gel fibre technology that traps excess heat inside your pillow, keeping it away from the surface, and keeping you from overheating.

Egyptian cotton cover

Know why the Olive cover is softer than standard cotton covers? Our cotton is woven from long fibres to eliminate that scratchy cotton feel.